Variety Is the Spice

MOBE members come from different countries all over the world and from
a great variety of backgrounds. Matt Lloyd the founder of MOBE is
originally from Australia, but his offices now are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

There are MOBE members from South America, Europe, China — You
name it. You can live anywhere on the planet and you can move around
the world, and continue to work from wherever you are.

There are as many reasons why you would want to be part of MOBE as
there are members. Some want to be their own boss and get out from
under the corporate structure. Still, others want to be able to set their own
hours. I know a number of people who joined in order to help others or to
spend more time with their families.

Some are computer wizards and others do not know much about

Whatever your desires are, MOBE can help you get there.

Here is an example from a member in Holland — and I don’t mean Holland,

There are dozens and dozens of case studies and success stories you can look at here.

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