The Downside

The downside to traveling is trying to get back to your normal routine when you return.Recently we spent nearly a week with four of our grandchildren while their parents were away.  We had a wonderful visit and cherished this opportunity to spend precious time with them.


Returning home was another matter, however.

There is a popular children’s book called:

” Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”.

Well last week might well have been called:

Diane and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad WEEK!

We returned home very late on a Sunday night and went to bed right away without even unpacking.  In the morning we were greeted with hundreds (if not thousands) of ants, swarming all over our kitchen .  It took hours to get rid of them and, as we discovered later, we only solved the problem temporarily. Many of them had stayed hidden inside the wall and crept out to greet us each morning, for several days until we finally won the battle. (At least for the time being.)

When we finally got around to unpacking I discovered that there were a lot of thing that weren’t where they were supposed to be and a few things that I still haven’t found. I guess they will turn up eventually.

With all that was going on I hadn’t touched my computer, so I took it along and tried to work while I was watching wheelchair basketball practice.  They have very good internet connections at the gym and I often work there. Things went well for a little while and I was able to check my email. Then suddenly I  lost the internet. Chuck was sitting right next to me and he wasn’t having any problems.  For some mysterious reason my  computer was stuck on Airplane Mode — even though we hadn’t been near any airplanes.

I didn’t know how to solve the problem and Chuck was busy with his own work, so I had to wait for him to be available to figure it out after we got home.

As soon as he fixed that problem, we ran into another one.  Our printer wouldn’t print.  Once again, Chuck to the rescue! He used a diagnostic tool which provided an error code. Then he went to the manufacturer’s tech support. Tech support performed more advanced diagnostics and determined that the printer had a fatal error.

We needed our printer. What to do? Fry’s was having a big sale and there is a store just a few miles from our home, so we drove down and bought a new one.  We compared several and chose the one that seemed to have everything we were looking for. When Chuck was assembling it, though, he discovered that the ink cartridges were not refillable.

Back we went for a different model, which he is still in the process of assembling.We are hoping that nothing else goes wrong.

As frustrating as the week was, I am focusing on this Bible verse:

James 1:2,3

Consider it all joy my brothers (and sisters)when you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

When I look at it that way it puts things in perspective. I guess my week wasn’t that bad after all!

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