Giant Bonus

One of the biggest bonuses to being in this business is that we can do it from anywhere.  Chuck and I received  our training in Cancun, Mexico. We made a lot of friends there, too. People from all over the world participated and we keep in touch with one another via Skype and the internet.

Right now we are staying at our daughter and son-in-law’s home, caring for our grandchildren while their parents are on a mini-vacation.  The children range in age from 9 to 14. The youngest is in elementary school, the two girls are in middle school, and the eldest is in high school. Fortunately, our daughter left very specific instructions as to who had to be where and when. She also left instructions about each child’s duties and responsibilities.

They are a very sports-minded family.  Both parents are ardent mountain bikers (and they have the scars and bruises to show for it). The children have been in sports from an early age.  Right now 3 of them are in basketball and we have 2 basketball games to attend today.


All of the children play instruments and the girls, Catie and Ashley are in Show Choir at their school. Caleb,the eldest, and Jeff, his dad ,play guitar duets and sing together. Jeff also plays banjo. Andrew, the youngest, and Christi, their mom, are an appreciative audience.

Later in the year we hope to travel to Washington, where we have several more grandchildren.  Again, we will be able to take our business with us.  And when we go on a cruise, which I have been wanting to do for quite a while,  you will still be hearing from us.


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