Thank you for visiting my “about me” page. I am looking forward to getting to know you. I will begin by introducing myself. My name is actually Roberta Diane and for many years I was known as Bobbie. At some point, when we had moved to a state where nobody already knew us,  I began to use my middle name and have continued to do so. I was born in Illinois and lived there through my first year of high school.Then my family moved to San Marino,California. After high school I attended the University of Wisconsin and later Cal Berkeley. I met my husband at a church in San Francisco and we were married less than a year later.

Chuck and I have been married for more than 50 years, so you know that we are not youngsters. We have both had a number of careers over the years, and this late in life we are embarking on a new adventure.


1965                                                           2015

When I was a little girl people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Invariably my response was “I want to be a Mommy.” I still consider that the best, the most rewarding, and the most challenging career in the world.

Along the way though, I realized that I needed to earn money. My first job was babysitting, of course, and I did that during my elementary school years right on through college.

In 7th grade I became interested in the field of journalism. Our school had a monthly publication and I was a member of the “staff” .

As a high school student, I was the school photographer, which led to a paying job in a camera store.




I also edited a creative writing project and wrote a column for the weekly local newspaper.  When I was in college I was a “stringer” for the Milwaukee Journal.  A stringer is a person who reports from  a remote location.  I studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin and also at Cal Berkeley. After graduation, I worked as an editor at the San Francisco Chronicle.

When our first child arrived I became a stay at home Mom. I often babysat for neighbors’ children and we also began caring for foster children. I was in my element.

When my husband was out of work for a while, he became the stay at home parent, and I became a substitute teacher. We lived in Hawaii at that time and in those days you could be a substitute teacher even if you had only a high school diploma. I discovered that I really enjoyed teaching. In a way, it was a different kind of mothering.

When we moved back to California, our children were all old enough to be in school, so I went back to school too and became a credentialed teacher. I taught both special education and bilingual education.

Another move took us to Massachusetts, where my husband operated a candy store, while I taught school. Our children and I helped at the store on evenings and weekends. It was really fun to be working together as a family.

No matter where we moved, we always came back to California. We found a home with a view of the ocean and we found a church home nearby. I finally retired from teaching – until an opportunity came to teach English in China. That was a wonderful experience.


A typical classroom in a Chinese School


Some of our Chinese students took on a walking tour of Baotou

Some of our Chinese students took us on a walking tour of Baotou.


Our church has a program for people recovering from addictions. My husband, who also teaches, began tutoring some of the people there. We also became aware of organizations for people with physical handicaps so that they can participate in sports. We wanted to be able to help fund groups like that and we wanted to do more than just send them an occasional $10 check. That is what led us to our latest career: Internet Marketing.

I had never even heard of internet marketing and my technological skills are woefully meager. My husband and I work well together, though. He handles the technological end and I do the writing and talking.

We don’t aim to become billionaires or even millionaires – although we know many people in this industry who have done just that! We simply want to be in a position where we can help people with physical or mental handicaps or who are fighting addictions or have other serious problems
We want to use our business to carry out the work that God has called us to do. We want to follow Jesus and to serve. That is why our email address is: baboutgodsbiz@gmail.com

Drop us a line and  tell us about yourself. We will also be happy to answer your questions.

Chuck and Diane Jasa